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Posted on 6th May, 2017

Country Life Article- 


"How to be a better shot" 


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Myself have one small problem keeping both eyes open. Lost my left eye years ago playing rugby. so i have no peripheral vision now, instead my brain works on compared object sizes and brain translate this to distance acording to size of object. so my question what tips can you give me shooting birds right handed and only have right eye for seeing. Not to bad at clay shooting but duck shooting seems to have more challenges for me. Many thanks John.
I had a lesson with Nick yesterday and was amazed. After years of struggling with left eye dominance (and being told to shut my left eye) Nick had me hitting everything within 10 minutes. Even high birds crossing left to right which previously I would not have even bothered shooting at I was consistently hitting. It’s just much more intuitive to shoot with both eyes open. Can’t recommend highly enough. Anyone who is skeptical just needs to go and have a lesson ......