With his knowledge and experience Nicholas Penn and his team of skilled instructors have developed a real knack for bringing out the best in clients.


Basing training on the individual skills and teaching requirements of the client Nicholas and his staff devise a tailor-made teaching plan, recognising that no two clients are the same.




Nick Penn’s top five tips

1. Look at the bird, not the gun
2. Keep both eyes open
3. Ensure your stance and gun mount are correct
4. Right-shouldered shots should aim at the right edge of the target
5. For right-shouldered shots, the left arm should be doing 85% of the work



For more infomation about tuition at Pennsport please contact: nick@Pennsport.co.uk



Nicholas has even tutored royal clients such as HRH Prince Charles.


Nick's technique is based on what he calls the '5 point principle', which has proved to be extremely successful - as many top shots will confirm!